Peace Practice: Seeking stillness of the body and mind

to earn a more peaceful, empowered life.

Welcome to
"Private Perspectives" 
The coaching arm of "The Serendipitous Soul" 
I am often asked how I got into coaching. 
More specifically, have I been through some formal training program or what? 
And the answer is "no." 
I haven't taken formal training but I do have over 30 years coaching people.
My coaching during that time was industry specific and those receiving it, part of my sales organization but working with people seeking change is an area I know well.
I've had many folks reach out to ask for various coping skills and tools, so I've decided for a limited time to offer a one-hour, "Private Perspectives" coaching appointment for 1/2 off so more people can afford to work with me one on one.
Simply use the registration button on the image, then head to the "Coaching and Consulting Appointments" section of my store, click on the "Private Perspectives" icon and use promo code HERE2HELP at checkout.
I will reach out within 24 hours to schedule your online session.
Stay tuned to my weekly newsletter and FB page for continued support and ideas to "ride the waves" we've all been asked to tackle.
Love to you and yours! 💗
Fast-forward to today and I coach from the life skills that saved my sanity. Ones that I know well since I teach them in the weekly classes held at my studio.
Practices based in Mindfulness, self-compassion and many other methods and approaches designed to help my clients create more balance in their lives.  
Private coaching came from students asking me if I would be willing to meet with them one-on-one to discuss a personal issue. 

Enough folks asked so in January of 2019, I formally launched

"Private Perspectives." 

One-hour online


in-person appointments are available. 

As well as 5-session


10-session discounted packages. 

From personal to business, I'm happy to work with you in the areas you wish to find some options and relief. 

The Serendipitous Soul VIP Client Program!

The value of the above VIP package comes to over $275 but your cost for enrollment is $150! 

More information on classes and schedules are available on our Facebook Page!

I took Jen's online Cultivating Peace Class OH MY GOODNESS! Jen is so down to earth and funny! She has an amazing way of teaching meditation and mindfulness that allows you to really understand what you are learning and provides techniques that you can easily take with you to bring more peace into your life.  I would encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about meditation and mindfulness to take a class with Jen!

Brittany M.

Corporate Clients

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