I Am A Mom

December 14, 2015

Have you seen this quote floating around the social media world?  I have but I really didn’t notice it until it was posted by a friend on Facebook last week. 



Why did I notice it more this go-around?  Because I noticed the comments.  Forgive me for the paraphrase but “so true” would about cover it.  I felt compelled to reply.  It’s funny because the Jennifer of the not-too-distant past would have just rolled by.  Not this girl.  I wanted to reply because I disagreed.  I disagreed vehemently.  So I posted the following:


I know I’m different from most moms out there but I really enjoy my well-earned alone time and my adult children. I have a lovely, peaceful morning to begin each day with and I am not lonely at all. I’m sure the grandparents out there would say the messes, noise and all the other chaos of little ones comes right on back but in a whole new way. My kids are happy and thriving. I have such peace around that, it makes them not being here all the time much easier.


Why do most of my mother friends believe that (I don’t know) a good life, fun life, full life, whatever, ENDS when the kids lift-off into their own life?  Who sold us that bill of goods?  If you are like most and tend to believe that’s true, consider me the counter-balance to that awful bill.  Life is what you make of it.  Always has been, always will.  Is there struggle when your children depart?  Of course, but how beautiful is that?  So much love and compassion swirling around.  You wouldn’t be emotional if you didn’t really love and desire the best in life for your children.  Fabulous stuff if you step away from living with a mindset of lack (They’re leaving me.) vs. abundancy. (You GO, Junior!)


I read the coolest quote recently “Reality is much kinder than the story.”  Right on!  The stuff we tell ourselves, the tape we run in our minds can literally undermine all the beauty that is present in the awesome accomplishment of sending independent, self-sufficient young adults out into the world.  If you did your job as a parent and are sending said kiddos out, God bless you!  We are all the better for your dedication and commitment to adding another delightful human being into our society.


I am a Mom, alright.


And I refuse to believe my best days, be it as a parent, a women, a partner, a lover or a friend…are behind me. I hope you’re that kind of mom too. ♥


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