It Began With Coffee

December 19, 2015

Coffee.  An innocent enough subject wouldn’t you think?  A simple catalyst to getting your day started.  I thought the same thing until I did a little reflecting this week.  I’ve written about this before.  The fact that I all of a sudden began drinking coffee when I was 45 years old.  Up to that point I couldn’t stand the stuff.  I don’t even remember what caused me to pick up a cup and drink it when I was 45. 



I remember being about 19 at my first office job trying to look very nonchalant and cool, sauntering over to the big “Bunn” coffee maker at work and pouring a cup like I had “been there, done that” for years.  I took one sip and that route to perceived coolness was “check done!”  Yea.  Not a coffee drinker.


Fast-forward a good 26 years and how it all transpired, I haven’t a clue.  I’m sure it started out innocently enough.  Maybe it was build on networking functions I had begun attending, coffee is like air at morning networking events.  Perhaps there was no other beverage choice and I wanted something.  Whatever happened, that cup of coffee changed my life FOREVER.


You see in looking back this week I realized that the evolution I have been going through steadily since 2011 pretty much began when I started drinking coffee.  In fact, I know it did.  I went from drinking coffee to drinking beer, another thing I had never done.  I went from having very conservative views on almost everything to more liberal.  I went from caring what everyone thought about me to caring more about what I thought about me.  I found a best friend that rocked my very core.  Ironically we bonded over… you guessed it, a cup of my newly formed habit.  From challenging my long-held beliefs to how I showed up in the world, she’s helped me question it all and still does.  I was very naïve and I’m not being overly critical here, I was.  The addition of a little ‘street savvy’ was a good thing.


Once my realization was complete and the genesis noted, I chuckled because yes, it really did begin with coffee.


Stepping back occasionally to see how far we’ve come or where we’ve yet to go is a good thing.  It provides us grounding so we can get our bearings to begin again from this point.  So what sparked your latest revolution, evolution or simple flicker?  Maybe yours too began with that unassuming, rather routine morning ritual millions enjoy each and every day. 


To coffee!  A more magical potion then I ever dreamed possible.

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