Is This Reality?

February 11, 2016

I mentioned last week in a comment I made off one of my posts on Facebook, that I've been studying some very interesting subject matter for an upcoming event I'm presenting at. In studying the material, I naturally look to plug it into my own life so I thought I would toss this little "challenge" out to any of you willing to give it a go.


Any time today you find yourself, uncomfortable, dissatisfied, unhappy, disappointed or in a state of wishing things were different, simply ask yourself "Is this reality?" That's it. I'm not asking you to do anything about it necessarily, only notice if it's reality you are beginning to fight against or something else.


Example. It's cold outside. You find yourself lamenting about the cold, rolling tape in your mind about how much you don't like the cold, how much you hate where you live, how much the winter sucks (and trust me, I think most of us that live in the North do this at some point - me included) and how much you can't wait for spring. Now pop in my question "Is this reality?" And see what transpires. Yes? Yes, but? No?


Wondering how often some of you might find half the struggles you endure in your mind each day are related to your thoughts around reality. Oh and I'm not telling you to roll over and play dead about things going on in your life. I'm not telling you anything, actually. I'm just asking you to pay attention, if you wish.


I saw a fabulous quote around this topic a few days ago and it simply asked if you were exhausted when you went to bed each night because of what you were doing all day or what you were thinking. Ah, yes! We might be on to something here.

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