That Time Again

February 29, 2016


If you have ever experienced anything traumatic or completely soul shaking then I think you'll understand where I'm coming from with this blog entry.


It's been no secret if you have been a reader of "The Serendipitous Soul" that I have gone through a lot of life changes over the past 18 months in particular.  From the depths of places I never imagined to striving still to come out the other side.  Although I have come very far and I find "those days" getting further and further apart, inevitably, something seems to get me right in the gut and boom, it's that time again.  


Time to get sentimental, to almost bathe in the feelings until the pity party commences.  I know this gig real well at this point.  Same party, different day.  Yet, I also know better than to blow the party off. To say "get lost" to those feelings or think I have better things to do.  I know being a guest at this less frequent party is the price I need to pay to continue to make my way to the other side.  I also know that beating myself up about any of it will only prolong my journey.


So as Rumi's beautiful poem "The Guest House" captures so beautifully, I will welcome each guest, each day in whatever incarnation they choose to approach my door as.  The good days are ones to be deeply grateful for, to absorb the joy and never diminish it's power and the less than good ones are simply lessons and reminders that I have unfinished work yet to do.  Sit, feel, reflect, do, don't do, that time will pass and the party will move on.  Rest assured.   

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