Too Often

March 4, 2016


This week I ran across a bit of a reoccuring theme you might say. The theme of people lamenting the downturn of their businesses. The levels of "lament" varried but the idea that things were not the way they used to be, a constant.  


The other constant I noticed as I listened to these folks was that they without a doubt blamed everyone or everything but themselves for the decrease.  One business owner in particular who tends to be more of a "glass half empty" kind of person, seems to have no issues with voicing those sentiments.  Problem is, that could be the problem. Who wants to patronize a business where the owner is outwardly complaining about things all the time?  I just kept thinking to myself "Sweetie, excuse me while I run and get a mirror!"


You need not be the owner of a business in order to grab a little "take away" from this entry.  Next time you look to toss blame out (and we all have ample opportunities to catch ourselves doing this, I bet) ask yourself what role you may have had to play in the whole thing.  I swear it's the genesis of mature behavior, questioning yourself, first.  You may find once you question your propensity to toss the owness elsewhere that yes, in fact, you did have a part to play.  Begin with cleaning your own act up and see what transpires.  


What could I have done different or better?  It's a great start.  All too often we are quick to point the finger when a glance in the mirror can prove to have been a much better use of our time.  

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