March 9, 2016


Jealously.  What an interesting topic.  I love it because any time I feel it, even for a moment, I know something’s off.  Something I’m thinking needs to be examined.


Case in point.  After having a career in the direct sales industry for over 30 years, I have a lot of people in my circle affiliated with sales of all types.  So their postings in social media about what they sell, how it changed their lives and how much money they make is a daily occurrence in my world and I’m totally fine with that.  I love America and the fact that some folks can go from barely a cent jingling in their jeans to making hundreds of thousands of dollars and everything in between. 


But, there have been times that I have seen things in social media from exotic destination vacations during a bitter Michigan winter to a big win at the casino and a pang of jealously bubbles-up. Recently, I found the feeling bubble-up and what I loved about this time in particular was the fact that I was actually conscious about my feelings and immediately thought “Isn’t that interesting, I’m jealous.”  Which in turn, led to me ask myself why?  I began to identify why I was jealous and then proceeded to examine this topic from all sides and in the end, I decided that I was perfectly happy with the course I was on and my journey ahead, destination unknown.   You see, my dreams fit me well these days.  


When all was said and done I probably spent 5 minutes from the time I realized I was jealous, through the little self-examination of my thoughts, to quietly land in the space of being “happy where I am and where I’m going.”  Thank goodness.  It’s easy to get pulled in.  I get it but when you are feeling pulled, stop, breathe and take a little personal inventory.  You may still find the “little green monster” rearing its head but you may also find clarity and answers that bring you more peace than you had before that little guy came ‘round. 


So vacay away, sell, sell, sell, make, make, make, do, do, do and I’ll remind myself to stay grounded in what simply works for me, me, me. 



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