All Over Grace

March 13, 2016


What an interesting week I've had. Two words sum it up, one in particular having the biggest impact and that's the word “assumption.”  Like you, I've seen quote after quote about the fact that you shouldn't assume anything about anyone until you know their story or obtain more facts and I get that but here's what I've come to find.

We, (me included) make WAY too many assumptions about EVERYTHING in life and in my opinion?  The most when it comes to what's motivating other people to do whatever it is they do when we should probably just let most things go.  You know, like extending a sort of "all over grace" to your fellow man? Imagine that thought for a moment?  I'll wait.   


I say why don't we take a unified deep breath and realize that what's going to contribute to our peace, which then in turn contributes to our collective peace, is when we assume nothing, accept everything (because the good is here to bring us joy and the tough times are here to teach us lessons) and mind no other’s business but our own? 


Know that as lovely a person as you are, keeping yourself out of other people’s business isn't that easy to do.  You don’t have to be a gossip to be in other’s affairs.  Most of us do a fine job keeping an internal dialogue running about a variety of subjects that have nothing to do with us.  We need not utter a word.


So in this week ahead, can I get a few folks committed to simply taking things as they come, keeping the number of so called "reasonable assumptions" (I believe I just created an oxymoron) at a mimmum and holding anyone you find yourself making said assumptions about, in a sort of sacred space?  Internally and externally. 


I don’t know about ya’ all but I, for one, plan on “workin’ the line” this week, proudly handing out heaping helpings of warm and wonderful, “all over grace.” 


I hear it's some seriously good stuff and additional staff...

Is always welcome. 


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