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March 22, 2016


I think most people understand and believe the concept that we are all made up of and give off energy.  If you've rubbed your hands together and then put them slightly apart from one another, you'll have felt it.


Also, how many times have we experienced another person's energy?  Good or bad from our point of view? Don't believe you have?  When was the last time you said "Are you OK?" to another human being?  Yes, they may have looked different but many times the thing that gets our attention first is that their energy is off, causing us to look, then ask.


Here's the thing about energy and something we need to be aware of.  What we have going on in ourselves is what we will experience all around us, our entire lives.  If we have peace in our minds, we typically live a more peaceful life.  If we have chaos in our minds, we experience a more chaotic life.  The chaos is typically from issues we've yet to deal with.  As I have noted in past postings, what we don't deal with, deals with us.  That couldn't be truer when it comes to our energy.   


Bottom line?  What we "put out there" we get back.  How to emit more "positive vibes?" I may surpise you here because I'm not going to say something about being more positive in general because yes, that can help but honestly, until you deal with that thing or those things that are dealing with you, your energy will never change because it emits from deep, deep inside you.


Oh yes, you can "sugar coat" things all you want.  But your body shows what it knows, don't doubt that for a moment. 


What's "swirling" around you?  Want better?  Have the courage to begin or commit to restarting the work necessary to clear yourself of that chaotic energy.  Read a book on the subject you need assistance with, attend a class, hire a coach, see a professional, just start where you are and do anything to begin working on yourself so that peace you're seeking can start becoming the energy in which you live, each and every day of your life.


To all the brave souls doing the work and getting that beautiful "energy reward" back.


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