April 1, 2016

Teaching one of my Mindfulness classes on how you can add little "bits" of it to your day, I came across the idea of taking any time at a red light to do something rather than the habitual of being annoyed because you were being asked to stop.


The suggestions were things like turning the radio off and just being in that "peace" for a minute or focusing on taking one nice, deep, intentional breath.  


Then it dawned on me.  What if we were to recite a quick statement of gratitude.  So "red light", stop, think of something you are grateful for, maybe even it say it out loud, green light, GO!


Can you imagine?  Can you imagine what would happen if everyone did this?  How much kinder the roads could be?  Then I thought about this idea, taking it a step further.  Could you imagine if it was taught in drivers ed?  So every driver is taught to be thankful at every red light.  I got "angel bumps" even thinking about this idea.


I'm feeling compelled to begin a movement!  Well, maybe more of a "stopment" if you want to get specific.  


As with all good things, it begins with me doing it, you doing it and on and on.  So what do you say? Time to make that stop really count and take what's been an annoyance and turn it into something lovely?  


I would love to hear your thoughts!  


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