April 7, 2016


I grew up loving all kinds of books and their stories contained within but there were no stories I loved more than fairy tales.  


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop by renowned author, Elizabeth Gilbert of "Eat, Pray, Love" fame and her most recent book "Big Magic",  a personal fave.


In that workshop, Liz had us compose different letters to and from ourselves and in one letter we were asked to write from "Enchantment" to ourselves.  Enchantment, you know, that magical, special, "kid like" part of ourselves?  


So I began writing and ended up with enchantment thanking me for honoring it almost daily.  Mind you, I went lacking in some of the other areas but I think I have this one "down pat".


I love the sky and all it's different incarnations and I can't help but point out anything I find interesting out to anyone who will entertain me, enchantment.  At almost 50 years old I still find glitter fun and sprinkle it in cards I send out to surprise and yes, in some cases frustrate folks.  But it's my way of saying "lighten up, life's short" and there can be good in the unexpected, delight in the "mess", enchantment.  


What would your sense of enchantment be saying to you this day?  You may even be questioning if it still exists, but it does.   Like Sleeping Beauty a simple "kiss" of your attention and your enchantment will be enchanted that you care once again.


Have fun!  Blow bubbles, write with sidewalk chalk, fly a kite, sing with your buddy in the car, allow yourself to get excited about something because "once upon a time" you did and didn't life seem so much easier back then?  


It's amazing what a little enchantment can do to aid you in living a life that's just a wee bit closer to "happily ever after."  Thanks for the reminder, Liz.

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