Will Work For...

April 12, 2016


I met a really nice gal named Kelly last fall all because we happened to be in a similar group together on Facebook and one of our group participants said "Hey, why don't a bunch of us friend each other?"  "After all, we have at least THIS group in common, right?"  Not sure if I reached out to Kelly or visa versa but "friends" we became.


Last fall, not long after Kelly and I connected I noticed that she had headed up group meditation classes and that was something I was looking to do, so I reached out.  Kelly was kind enough to accept my "ask" to connect so I could get a little help getting my group off the ground.  


In speaking with Kelly, one thing I really admired about her was the fact that she lived very simply and was very happy with that decision.  In a world where most of us are self-conscious when it comes to answering the question "What do you do?"  Kelly's not.  I don't know Kelly well at all.  I've only chatted with her twice, the second time being yesterday but I pointed my little observation out to her.


She's been a bartender and she currently waitresses at a Cheesecake Factory in Wisconsin.  She's also just been to Sedona, Arizona recently.  A place she loves and a place she gets to go to, because of her job.  You see that's kind of Kelly in a nutshell.  She does what she's got to, to do what she wants to. What makes her unique (at least in my mind) is that she does her job with a lovely sense of contentment and a really great attitude.  She doesn't get bogged-down in drama.  She's pretty immune to the complaints many in her profession dole-out incessantly too.  You see, Kelly is choosing to make the most of the time she needs to put in so she can make the most of the time she has being out.


So here's to more Kelly's in this world!  One's who don't see their work in the callus "means to an end"  concept either, rather, those who have made the conscious decision to flipping "lighten up", do their jobs, not be defined by it and approach each working day with a wise heart, a healthy mind and a good spirit.  


Maybe it's a good time to ask yourself the question.  

Will work for...what?

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