Not a Bakery, Huh?

April 18, 2016


I always wondered why when I read memes like this one about the bakery I felt a little strange inside.  That internal dance of me thinking it's "a bit of an aggressive mindset to hold" mixed with "but it's their prerogative to say it" would come to mind and I just let it go at that, until yesterday.


I am constantly educating myself.  I love learning and so yesterday while reading a book, the subject of self-expression came up.  More specifically self-expression and the workplace.  That there's one way to communicate in an office that honors your ability to express yourself while there's another that can prove to be borderline offensive or worse.  


Memes like this one came instantly to mind.  Seems there's a "dark side" to self-expression and it's called self-indulgence.  It's when your point gets a wee bit too pointed and aggressive for those around you to honor or accept.  You see we're "out" as listeners as soon as you go all "this is MY opinion and ya' all can kiss my ass if you don't like it" stuff.


Behaving like the above suggests that it really is "all about you."  And whether you are in the workplace, conversing with loved ones or posting on social media, is that the vibe you want to give off or would you prefer to be heard?  I mean really heard?  Because, chances are you may have one seriously valid point with one amazing set of thoughts to back it up but some of us will never hear that because you see, we're still stuck at the bakery.


Don't be mad if that's not what you want to hear.   



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