The Personification of Liberation

April 21, 2016


I have to admit I was in a state of total disbelief when I saw the first post about Prince being gone.  Thought it was one of those Internet hoaxes, after all, he was only in his 50's, right?  


Then I hit Google and it was clear, it wasn't a hoax.  I have to share that I am pretty removed from anything "celebrity" these days.  I honestly couldn't name 5 current movie stars to save my soul. Newer music?  Eh?  I would have a better shot at music vs. movies though and that's because I grew up with music all over our home.  I love music.  


Although I played piano and was classically-trained, that wasn't where my love of music came from.  It was through the magic of 8-tracks and albums my parents played that had our house humming with the "sounds of the 70's" and so much more, my 21 years of life with them.   


I grew to love music from the 30's and 40's because of my adoration of old film and can still rock-out to Guns and Roses or AC/DC with the best of them.  Where did and does Prince fit into all of this?  My mom says that I'm "deep".  I think I was deep even when I was a teenager of about 15 or 16, listening to Prince for the first time.  Although I knew his lyrics were not "Rated G", especially on the "Controversy" album, I have to be honest, I didn't understand innuendo at the time so much of what some might call the more "unsavory stuff" went right over my head.  


What I do remember is the poetic nature, the art of many of his lyrics, his musicianship and the theater that was a performance by Prince, you see to me, he was the personification of liberation and the first human being that represented freedom to me.  I remember seeing "Purple Rain" with my then boyfriend, just mesmerized at the screen and the story of a dysfunctional home life and spousal abuse, subjects of which, at the time, I knew almost nothing of.  My guess is that he opened that "unspoken area" up for many of my generation with that film.  


He was the coolest of cool and always will be.  In thinking this afternoon about what I could do in my life to honor his influence, I came to the conclusion that my choices of living "full bore", heart open, fresh faces welcome, new experiences given "carte blanche" and just being me, whatever that current incarnation looks like, seems the perfect "tip of the hat" to the man who will always be the one who made bad look good, the embodiment of liberation and freedom.  


To all the creative doors you opened in this persons heart, mind and soul.  

I thank you.




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