May 7, 2016

I was away on a business, pleasure trip this past week and while relaxing in my room one evening, I saw a commercial for a truck.  All of a sudden I got the urge to make my next vehicle purchase a truck.  So on my first day back home, I hit a dealership along with my husband.  


The salesman approached the two of us.  Never introduced himself, began speaking to my husband (I think you know where this is going) then proceeded to whip out his phone and begin showing photographs to just my husband.  It was like I wasn't there at all.  


When he finally looked up, I let him know that it wasn't my husband who was there to look at trucks, it was me.  I also suggested that he might want to consider that not all truck buyers are men and at the very least, address any and all parties present from now on.  


I owe that young man because not only did he remind me, a salesperson almost my entire adult life, to not judge and exclude, instead, accept and include but he also reminded me that it was important for all of us to stick up for ourselves in a solid, yet professional way when we are being marginalized during a sales transaction.  


Wonder how much commission his decisions lost him yesterday?

'Cuz my business will be truckin' on over to another salesperson.  



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