Be Me?

May 16, 2016


I never thought in a million years that I would question what it looked like and the impact it would have on others to just be myself, but welcome to that very thought and the subsequent "fall out."


You see quotes telling us to be ourselves all over the place. I think it's funny we need to be reminded of that after our teen years, when the hope is that we feel less pressure to conform, but reminders seem to be a good thing.  At least they've been for me recently.


I've made no bones about the fact that I have changed A LOT over the past year and a half, plus.  I used to even say that I changed a lot to people and then I thought that was silly, that my actions would show that to be the truth, right?  But a recent discussion challenged my line of thinking, suggesting that saying something, especially to those who have known me for years and are a bit "thrown for a loop" when I do something completely different, is probably a good thing.


I find that the "ever-evolving me" does some things very different from many folks and when I'm asked about my choices, some seem to feel the desire to defend theirs.  Here's the thing though, I really don't mind at all what you choose to do.  I'm not sitting there wagging some proverbial finger in my head. More than likely I'm wondering why you feel the need to explain to me why you choose to do what you choose to do.   You know?  Be you?  


So for those of you like me who've found themselves twisting a bit, turning slightly or even full-out contorting to "fit in" better.  Let it go.  After all, it is your life to live, your bliss to delight in and your consequences to confront.  


Time to move forward, time to simply be proud to be me.    




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