May 27, 2016


I had the most interesting conversation with a gentleman today.  I love how interesting conversations can lead to new ways of interpreting or understanding things that left to your own devices, may have never ended paired up.


The topic of feeling invisible was brought up as we began our conversation discussing the terrible tragedy that befell my town this past week and that was the horrible attempted suicide of a 14 year old boy who had clearly been bullied, one too many times.  My heart breaks for their family and my prayers have been and will continue to be, plentiful.  


How does the idea of invisible tie into a bullied soul, me, maybe even you for that matter?  I think those who are bullied are invisible.  Those tormenting these kids don't see them. There's no recognition of a living, breathing, thinking, feeling human being.  There's but a body, the nerd, the fat kid, the stupid guy, the slutty girl.  It makes being cruel easier that way, when they've chosen to objectify vs. possess some level of empathy.  If there was empathy, bullying would cease to exist.  After all, who would do horrible things to others if they themselves could feel what it was like to be on the "receiving end?"  


I've felt invisible.  In fact I have simultaneously felt like one person wanted me that way while another one treated me that way.  It's not a lot different than what I said above.  Not that I was bullied but when you are not heard, acknowledged, honored, valued or supported, trust me, you don't feel seen either.      


Have you felt invisible at times?  In your personal relationships?  Maybe at work?  I am striving to live this out with the folks I have had the pleasure of coming in contact with, but through my classes especially, to help my students begin to see their fellow human beings as just that, human beings in all of their humanness.  Because it's too stinkin' easy to adhere labels to each other.  


Why do we do that?  Adhere labels?  So we don't have to see them.  Yea, we wouldn't want to see them.  If we did, we wouldn't be able to gossip about them anymore with such ease, we wouldn't be able to breath that rarefied self-righteous air we enjoy so much and let's not even talk about not being able to "flip off" that idiot driver who cut us off.  


To lose beings, in any way, mentally or physically, is unacceptable when the removal of the labels and the ability to SEE is a POWER SOURCE for good that we all possess, can live out and teach.  


My heart goes out to all the invisible souls out there and my "sight" may be far from 20/20 but my goal is nothing short of.  

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