32 Years

June 6, 2016


Anyone out there a bit stubborn?  I believe I was born that way and although I've lessened the "grip" in recent years in some areas, I came to find out today that it can take me FOREVER in others.  


Ironically in this, my personally-deemed "year of new experiences" I am coming to find out that experience is EVERYTHING when it comes to building up or in my case today, breaking down belief systems.  


I can think a good game, folks.  I can even talk a good game but belief is anything but a game, especially in life's bigger arenas.  


I'm a huge fan of empathy.  But I'm finding empathy alone, only takes me so far.  Seems I have to "live it to get it."  This afternoon I experienced the perfect "live it to get it" moment.  Although the "get it" I got wasn't something I found pleasant, it finally put a little "chink" in that impenetrable armor that is Jennifer's stubborn way of being.


This picture is one of me 32 years ago at my graduation party when I was almost 18 years old.  In this frozen moment of time, I was in the exact same place I am today, 32 years later.  Clinging tightly to things that as I strengthen my grip, the only person who gets strangled, is me. 


I guess ".38 Special", a band very popular around the time of this picture had it right.  They sang "Just hold on loosely, but don't let go, if you cling too tightly, you're gonna lose control."  I've sung those lyrics countless times since that song came out in 1981.  Seems it just took me 32 years to experience them.  


Where might you, like me, need to "live it to get it" so you can exhale and finally say "got it"?  


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