How Are You?

June 13, 2016


I learned a ton of stuff over the past 10 days or so.  Tons of things around relationships, emotions, personalities etc. Good insights, all.


I'm taking a six-week course entitled "Dealing with Difficult Emotions" as part of my continuing education with Mindful Schools. This course however, is not specific to children but to all of us "beings" out here.


The teacher of the course said something in his opening remarks that I found simplistic but spot on.  That this "being human in intense."  That no one ever says that to us but it really is.  The teacher spoke of the first time he thought about this "intensity" when he was a kid. That in turn, made me think of kids who get bullied.  Intense?  I should say so!


I also learned how "loaded" the question we answer and ask on a regular basis "How are you?" can be.  How many of us believe we best answer with a "Good!", "Great!" or "Fabulous, and you?"  Because if we don't, we can feel self-conscious, ashamed or like we're failing.  Emotions and feelings are huge part of our lives but they don't have to rule our lives. 


If I had to sum up my personal journey (which will continue as long as I walk this earth) succinctly, it would be that we allow ourselves to be ruled and often act out of what we think, causing us to suffer greatly.  That only when we are able to "detach" from a feeling, get curious about it and question it's validity, that we are on the road to living a more peaceful existence.  


So how ARE you?  I'll tell you, I want to be the type of person that people are not afraid to share however it is they are doing any given day.  That I am not here to "override" or "shame" you, even if I'm having the best of days.  That I am here to support you, even if nothing more is exchanged than me saying "I'm sorry" in reply.  


Looking to be a better being each and every day.  Knowing completely that the "buck" stops here.  

Have a great week!

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