A Delicate Balance

June 19, 2016

Self-awareness.  I'm a big fan, but I have come to realize that there is a delicate balance when it comes to what you've found out about yourself and how you choose to use it moving forward.


I've also found that there is a balance between how much or how little of this awareness you choose to "dole out" to the other beings you come in contact with.  Yes, a delicate balancing act all the way around.  Perfecting it, that's the "sweet spot."


For those of you not overly familiar with self-awareness it's the characteristics you find in yourself that when honored, you (ideally) bring the best version of you, forth.


As I've started to understand more about myself, the bigger advocate I've become in honoring that self-awareness, yet still holding the people I choose to spend time with, in a place of respect as well.  Thing is, I'm finding the more people don't honor the traits I'm now finding as HUGE pieces of me, the more I'm willing to allow that relationship to go. You could label it if you wish, I don't choose to.  It's not because I'm older, that life's too short, yadda, yadda, yadda...it's because I just don't choose to dishonor myself any longer.


I've been that girl.  Too many times, in fact.  The one who did everything she thought she should so people liked her.  Even if my gut was screaming not too, I did.  Jenni ain't got time for that any more. I'm a good person.  I hope you enjoy my company, just the way I am.  If not, no worries.  Let's move on..shall we? 


The flip side of this "honoring self-awareness" piece is self-awareness on steroids.  Like I'm so aware of what I want, that I dishonor you in the process.  I get that early on in the journey, one can get a little wonky with the newfound "superpower" but keep in mind, it really is a delicate balance.  


The word honor is tossed around a lot these days but I know it when I see it, feel it, give it, receive it and spread it.  Don't you?


So!  Let's raise a glass, shall we?  To self-awareness!  Awareness that leads to empowering you to stand tall, knowing who you are, what you dig, the people and things that allow you to stay in that place of authenticity and the wisdom to know the difference.   




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