Stubborn Mule

June 29, 2016


I love observing these days.  Not only my personal nature, thoughts, behaviors etc. but those of others as well.  I learn SO much about them as well as about myself in taking the time to observe what's up.


Since the beginning of this year in particular I have really noticed the way others operate when it comes to how they think and subsequently behave.  The lessons have been so plentiful, I have learned which subjects to avoid with which folks as well as which folks to avoid, all together.  


I have found two things appearing as pretty consistent in my observations.  Number one, people are doggone stubborn around their thoughts, beliefs and positions on things.  I mean massively stubborn and even if you challenge them to open up the slightest crack of space on any given subject, they get perturbed.  Oh and defensive.  Let's not forget defensive for goodness sake.


Second, they are willing to "stare down" anything, no matter the size in order to be validated or better yet, proven right. Mind you, I am not the party they have an issue with but in having discussions and my tossing out an occasional "Yea but have you thought about it this way?"  I have found out quickly that my question doesn't seem to endear me to anyone.     


These observations have been helpful because if many of the people I choose to hang around are this stubborn, you can bet I have been too.  I have actually been shocked at how "married" folks are to their ideas about things.  The training I have been involved in teaches that our thoughts are multidimensional.  The are not a flat surface with one way of being.  They are like a diamond with a TON of facets to consider.  Thing is, we rarely do and God forbid someone offers us that opportunity, we don't seem to like that either.


If there is anything I hope this blog entry does, I hope it encourages you to understand that there is always more than one "right answer", and that you are rarely if ever "option-less."


Finally, although the "other answers" may feel a little uncomfortable, they are the best way to make the wisest decisions and when we are mature enough (and doing this does require a certain level of maturity) to welcome feedback and take into consideration other "lines of thought" from people whom we know love, trust and honor us, we are all better off.  


Stare downs can tear you down.


Back off and gain some perspective, Darlin'.

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