Service Please

July 2, 2016


Isn't it funny how we human beings find ourselves doing things that serve us so well, potentially for a long period of time, just to realize one day that we stopped doing that very thing that was working so wonderfully for us?


Count me in that category over the past week.  I've had slight "flashes" of wondering why I wasn't doing "X" any longer or why I stopped doing "Y" when it made me feel so good.  Then yesterday I got a nice little "slap."  Not one that hurts or even stings, but one that wakes you up.  I needed it.   


Seems I've stepped away (pun intended) from a fabulous walking practice I have held in a place of honor in my life for at least 5 years. I also stopped cycling, something I had worked myself up to rides of over 20 miles at a time on a regular basis. I've also been consuming things I know don't make me feel my best.  Get the idea?


So here's Jennifer Raybaud talking all about her increased levels of self-awareness and how they truly serve her well, yet I became completely "blind" to my dropping of what I like to call my "better habits." Until now.  


"Ring, ring!" she says to herself, metaphorically.  Can I get some service please?  Snap to it, Raybaud!  I mean really.  Where's that "customer service" you espouse to others so readily?


Time to step up my game.  Time to not just realize but live out the fact that being self-aware is not always about "dropping" things or folks that no longer fit into the grand scheme of things.  Being self-aware is also about beginning new habits or picking up old ones that brought more ease or enjoyment into your life.  Time to feel better.  Time to simply look in the mirror with that beautiful smile and ask.  


"How can I serve you today, Luv?"

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