Just The Way You Are?

July 13, 2016


Like many of you, I thought loving someone "just the way they are" was among the "ultimate compliments" one could bestow upon another. I was wrong. My belief was limiting, to say the very least.


In my continual quest and subsequent passion for learning what makes people "tick", this is what I have learned about love recently.


That if you REALLY love someone, you allow them to change you. The coolest scenario? You find someone who lacks some of the traits you admire but may not possess and visa versa, giving you the opportunity to learn and grow into some of these traits.


The right person wants us to grow and helps us to grow toward our fullest potential. They are not threatened by it, they want to be an active participant in it!


Ultimately, I've learned that I am settling if "just the way you are" is "just the way it is" with the people I love. Ideal partners, be it friends or lovers should be committed to seducing one another into becoming a better version of themselves.


New lyrics may be in order. ;)


Ain't <3 GRAND?

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