Darkest Days?

August 21, 2016


Oh my goodness!  Many of us have been hearing it of late or something close to it - "Poor America!  We are ‘in for it!’  What is this country coming to?  Our darkest days lie ahead!"


In fact I overheard something similar from two gentlemen talking before church this weekend. The one was politely listening and the other was just spewing doom, gloom and the latest scuttlebutt on the candidates.  When his audience made a hasty exit, he turned to engage me with the "darkest days" comment.  


I kindly shared that I'm not very informed in the area as I gave up the news 7 years ago and although I take my right to vote seriously, I simply choose to head to a non-partisan web site about a week before the election, read about the candidates stance on the issues that mean the most to me and pick my person.  I'm not into the "circus" that seems to go on for YEARS now, not just months.


Those of you who have read my blog for a while know that I don't watch the news.  I don't for a number of reasons and in the 7 years since I went "cold turkey" I've only been presented with one even remotely valid argument to consider a mild change.  In the end, the argument wasn't enough for me to make that change.  


As I listened to this man speak about the candidates he got more and more worked-up, more and more upset, angry, dismayed, and disenchanted, I thought to myself - for what? Why was he volunteering to be driven to this state of "dis-ease" and aggravation when all he had to do to enjoy more peace and contentment was turn the stuff off?  Maybe he just forgot he could.


Now, I'm not saying my way of life is the end all, be all or right for everyone but I will say if the political season is finding you in front of the "tube" or listening to the radio and getting agitated at all, you may want to reconsider what you allow to influence you, at least through November.   


I share a concept with my students.  It goes something like this.  I ask them if it would be ok if every morning as they drove to work, they would let me come along for the ride and tell them a bevy of negative things on the commute.  They typically laugh and (no surprise) every one of them declines my offer.  I then try to pass off a second offer.  How about a 1/2 hour before bed I whisper some stories about robberies, murders, shootings, tragic scenarios and oh yea, if they're really attentive...BONUS, I might tell them what the weather will be tomorrow before I say good night?  Again, amazingly, no takers, imagine that?


I ask you my friends, what’s the difference?  You are willingly saying "I'm going to listen to rotten stuff, ON PURPOSE for "X" amounts of minutes, each and every day.  To what end? To the point of being fearful that our darkest days lie ahead?  What a fabulous space to operate out of day after day.  Not.


Our country is a wonderful place and one of the freedoms I enjoy most is the freedom of choice.  We human beings are SO habitual in nature we get in the habit of taking the news or many other things in and we don't even remember that doing so is a CHOICE.  We can stop it just like we started it if it no longer serves us.  Welcome to the awarness that something different might serve you better today!


Darkest days?  I think not.  Reminder that this is a fabulous country and you can choose a fresh alternative any time you wish?  I think so.  


God bless America.    

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