15 Items

September 4, 2016


I ran into the grocery store a couple of evenings ago, grabbed some goodies and headed on over to the "Express Checkout" lane, you know the one?  15 items or less the signs and lights make clear to all who enter?


The lady in front of me was loading up the cashier’s belt with a bunch of items.  It looked like a lot of stuff, I don't recall being interested to count but she was harried, a bit frantic and quick to apologize for the amount, once she saw me.  I told her that I didn't mind and she was fine.


The woman then sighed, shoulders dropped and a smile came across her face, right before she gave me a gigantic "thank you."  She proceeded to tell me how nice I was and how most people would have given her a hard-time with a few well-placed dirty looks to boot.  


I shared that I didn't care enough to go to the trouble and that there are times in all our lives where we need or wish to "skirt the rules" a bit, myself included.  She quickly tossed her bags in the cart, thanked me again for being so nice and "different than most people" and off she went.


The lady was polite but I don't know that I'm nicer than most, I just love all the choices life provides me and these days, I simply choose not to get worked up about a lot of stupid things.  You see I like being at peace so I make choices in support of that end. Having to wait an extra 60 seconds to check out wasn't worth even a ripple of upset in my mind.


Folks would do well considering what feelings they desire to embody most of the time so the next time they find themselves on the horse of "high and mighty", they remember the last time they were speeding, cut someone off, hurt someone they didn't mean to or said something stupid….right!  It's amazing to me how we can walk around wreaking of hypocrisy, yet always be looking around to see where the “smell” is coming from.


By the way, that lady ahead of me might have thought I was nice, but it dawned on me as I was unloading my little cart, with my 9 mini “3-for-a-dollar” cheeses, I was WAY over 15 items!  Psych! 


Hypocrisy averted and my badass status stays in-tact.




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