Held Back

January 15, 2016

Restless nights can be a good thing occasionally.  Case in point, last night I got four hours of pretty lousy sleep but what I also got was a little insight about something I had never thought of before.  I wonder if you ever have, so that’s why I’m here at 4 “something” o’clock in the morning, writing.


 I have been doing some research on habits for an upcoming workshop so the idea of habits was rolling around in my mind.  In the case of last night the subject of bad habits came up.  I want to quickly clarify that I don’t consider a bad habit to be ones only associated with diet and fitness although that’s where many folks minds go to when “bad habits” are brought up.  I think you can have habits that don’t serve you in any area of life.


So one habit in particular came to mind and I began to experience some serious big picture thinking around it.  Like “because I do this, I do this and this, and this, and wow, wow, wow.” What I came to realize is that one habit was leading me to several habits, none of which make me a stronger person, at all.


Have you ever thought about your “less than flattering” habits?  It’s like each one of them is a link in a chain that ultimately leads to a cuff locked tight on my wrist, preventing me from moving forward.  The picture I chose for this piece couldn’t have depicted it better.


I would love to hear if you find anything similar when you begin to look at your habits.  When you look at a single habit it may seem relatively benign but if you begin to see that it’s part of a longer, stronger chain, holding you back, do you have more motivation to break them?


Where might you be held back?


Bolt cutters, anyone?


You still have a free hand…

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