Potty Time?

January 6, 2016

Title of this piece catch your eye?  Thought it might.  Not my typical “M.O.” by any stretch but something I thought I would share.  A smaller piece of a bigger puzzle, so to speak.  I have no idea where this concept first originated with me but I heard, read or otherwise experienced something that brought me to this point.  The point of thinking about how often we neglect ourselves and even our most basic needs at times.



Sure, we’ve all had to go to the bathroom and wanted to get this last thing done…oh yea, and that thing.  Maybe make just one more stop before we head home, blah, blah, blah while all the time our poor little body is wearing itself out signaling us “Hello!  We have to go!”  And the list doesn’t begin and end there by any means.  We skip breakfast and wait until we could gnaw our arm off before we get something to eat.  We stay up too late to get just one more thing done.  We allow ourselves to be uncomfortable instead of simply kicking the heat up a notch or two.



Think the above things are pretty benign in the grand scheme of things?  Well, think again.  When we are uncomfortable we are uncomfortable and as the old adage goes, in the end, the body alwayswins.  It’s perfected rebellion!  Hello, aches and pains!  Oh and by the way, what I’m speaking of is a totally different subject from being a little adventurous and stepping out of ones comfort zone, by the way.  I invite you to reach out if you desire my take with regards to the two being different. I believe when we neglect the basic comforts of life, we don’t behave at our best.  Hungry?  Probably equates to crabby.  Need to hit the potty? Impatience.  Too hot or cold? Preoccupation.  Tired? Low productivity, quality of life or worse, putting others at risk.


The bottom line is this, (pun intended) a better world begins with you using the bathroom.. and eating, sleeping, honoring your body’s thermostat etc., whenever possible.  When you take care of yourself, you present a more peaceful, comfortable, happy, honored you to yourself as well as to the rest of us.

Want to change the world for the better this year?  No need to sign up for a stint with the Peace Corps (unless you want to, mind you) just don’t discount the power of a good potty break!  Let’s all step it up in this New Year and vow to be a little more self-aware when it comes to self-care.


‘Cuz, when you do, we all benefit…can I get you a blanket, Sweetie?

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