Problem Free

October 21, 2016


I had no idea the quote "There are no problems, only solutions" was credited to John Lennon until I went searching for the quote to add to this piece.  John was right and I guess I'm not surprised being the soul he was. He knew things people who are on autopilot in this life wouldn't.  


I felt compelled to write in my blog today.  Compelled because I seem to be encountering something on a bit of a grander scale these days and that's people with their problems.  My goodness there seems to be no short supply when the topic of problems comes up.  It's simply about who can raise their hand first so the sharing can begin.  


In fact, I wonder at times if some people would even know what to do with themselves if they didn't have their problems to lament over.  Like it's their identity.  Do you know anyone like that?  And let me be clear, I'm not judging, 'cuz I've been there, trust me, I'm simply observing.  (If right about now you feel offended, ask yourself why because it isn't due to what I'm writing.)  Anyway, back to the subject of observing people, because I see it all the time.  People suffering over a veritable pouporri of problems, in all their different shapes and sizes, but I digress.  


Back to John Lennon's quote.  There really are no problems, I agree with him.  We MAKE things into problems.  Sit with that for a moment.  I'll wait...


I can hear some of you right now.  "What do you mean there are no problems?"  My husband did this, my mother-in-law did that, my kid said, blah, blah, blah.


Here's what I've learned.  When something comes up, a situation in your life, you can choose to make a "thing" or problem out of it or not.  To me, making a problem out of something is when you don't just handle it and/or let it go.  You think incessently about it, you wring your hands over it, you have to tell other people about it, again and again, again.  Yep, it's like a contest at times.  Who has the most problems, wins!  NOT!  What an exhausting way to live.


Solution?  Easy.  A life situation hits.  You quietly handle it and yes, that may require a little research or decision making but you handle it OR you choose to let it go.  End of story.  Or, I'm sorry,  do your stories define you?  Sit with that one for a moment too.  I'll wait...


Who would you be without your stories?  Without your problems?  A more centered, focused, peacful and wise being?  Yea.  Try that one on for size!  


Being problem free isn't a problem at all.  Solve and resolve or grasp with your old habitual ways and suffer.  The choice is up to you and hey, even if you don't want to live problem free becuase you are cool with suffering for no reason, think about the rest of us. Less problems in the world and more wise, thoughtful beings sounds like heaven on earth to me.  Consider contributing to the heaven on earth cause, friend. 


It's a good thing.

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