Show N' Tell

November 1, 2016


William Shakespeare had it spot on back around 1600, when he wrote the following line in the play "Hamlet."  "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."  Both because I've embodied it myself and because I continue to see it more and more in others, I decided to sit down and write a bit about it, this fine first day of November. 


We can all "talk a good game" at times, can't we?  Or maybe we think we can or we'd like to think we can, anyway.  That might be a wee bit closer to the truth.  What I believe is that we are capable of just about anything coming out of our mouths at any given time but what we truly believe - NO! - who we truly are, deep down inside, always seems to eventually "ooze out" even if we feel we've got it all handled on the verbal end, even if we feel we've got it, "all under control."


If you are in tune with yourself, in other words, if you make some time to be still and at peace each day, more than likely you can "feel" when people are saying one thing, yet embodying another.  Not that they're lying, they may not even be aware but the truth is there, burning inside of them like a little fire and you smell the smoke.


Here's what I have both experienced personally and see in others.  If you truly believe or better yet are what you say you are, you don't feel the need to say it any longer.  It's so engrained in you, that the thought of you sharing who you are to others doesn't even cross your mind, because you LIVE it, day in and day out.  


A few years ago, I began the second round of some serious personal changes in my life, an experience that was not just soul stirring but soul shaking, to the core of my being. As I began to emerge from that time, I remember saying to people often, how much I had changed and how I was so "this" now or so "that", now and yes, at the time I did think I was those things and for some reason, felt the need to let others know as well.  Was it a sort of "badge of honor" on my part, like "I've changed, aren't I special?" or what?  Looking back, I would say it was the "training wheels stage" of my coming out of a turbulent time. Trying them on, rollin' down the street unsure, while yelling "Look at me, Mommy!"


What I've also come to know is that as I've evolved, as I've begun to "settle into" whatever Jennifer is today, I don't feel the need to announce and stick a nice big labels on myself, near as much.  What I've come to know is as you find your places of peace, you just are those things, no thought and certainly no announcements necessary.


If you need to think about the fact that you've labeled  yourself a "modern-day hippie" for instance, your whole demeanor and outside appearance would be contrived.  You would be thinking about how you could "put on the show" for others vs. just gravitating naturally towards what makes you happy.  


Next time you are faced with the desire to "show n' tell", may I suggest you consider both a ridiculous waste of time and simply live out of what your own heart and soul urge you on to be?  Putting on shows and telling other people who and what you are, aren't necessary once you are truly comfortable in your own skin.  


May the "protests" be over and the living begin.  


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