Not Enough

November 25, 2016



As we continue to roll through this long Thanksgiving weekend and into the rest of the holiday season, it warmed my heart to see so many of my friends giving thanks and showing gratitude for their blessings.  


After all it's nice to know that during this time of year, some folks may take the time to stop, think about and recognize the gifts they've been given because a majority of us, no matter how much of an "attitude of gratitude" we possess, live our days in a space of lack and scarcity.  


Don't believe me?  You can still be lying in bed and the mindset of perceived scarcity and lack, begins.  Alarm clock goes off and you think "I didn't get enough sleep."  Lie there long enough and "Oh my gosh! I'm not going to have enough time to eat before I need to run out the door and get to work."  


The day progresses and you are never enough.  After all, there's always room to be a better partner, friend, co-worker, parent, name it, right? 


And the daily "air" of scarcity and lack doesn't end with the constant stream of self-flagellation.  Scarcity and lack show up in all sorts of ways.  From driving, "I'm not letting that jerk in." To shopping "I got the LAST one!"  From praise "She rarely ever says anything nice about me but she's always raving about the rest of the team." To parenting "My daughter deserved first chair, I can't believe they gave it to that kid."


How many of you ever think about this subject?  Think about the fact that no matter what a "good person" you are, you believe that either you are not enough or that there is not enough.  You are grabbing at time, possessions, status, money, attention, people; the list (unfortunately) goes on and on.


One thing I learned many years ago was from a book entitled "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  It talked about the fact that there was "more than enough to go around" in this world and if you believed and chose to live from that mindset, you would be more than taken care of.  


I want to thank Sarah and the woman who shared that concept with me almost 20 years ago now, because I HAVE lived out of that space and at times, if haven't, I "woke up" eventually (even if eventually took awhile) to see that I was grasping.  


The concept that there is "more than enough to go around" is fabulous.  When something doesn't come my way, I think "Fine, I’ll be taken care of elsewhere."  When an opportunity passes me by, I think "That wasn't meant for me for some reason."  At times, yes, I have been disappointed but possessing this mindset of abundance makes any time spent "sulking", much shorter.  


Imagine if we taught our children and grandchildren that there was no need to grab and covet?  No need to believe that we are not enough, just the way we are?  


When we grasp, we lose.  It's a simple statement, even a simple concept.  When we believe there's not enough, when we cling tightly to anything, our beliefs, our habits, our stuff, our friends, our kids, you name it, we are setting ourselves up to suffer.  


So how about beginning to see where the self-talk and what you verbalize comes out of a place of "never enough" vs. "just enough?"  How about we don't make silly fools out of ourselves at the next shower, vying for that free centerpiece?  Or choose to put another being down because they seemingly got what was "yours" to begin with?  Ugh.  


I remember seeing signs during the political campaign saying "Make America great again." I didn't realize that we ever stopped being a great country.  Silly me.  But a great country, begins with great citizens that are kinder to one another, being kinder to one another, begins with being kinder to ourselves.  Being kinder to oursevles begins when we realize that what we're doing, doesn't serve us any longer.     


You ARE enough.  There IS enough.  We've GOT enough.  

Now let's go LIVE like it, eh?  



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