Green Eyes

December 8, 2016


And just when you think you've got your act together, the world lets you know otherwise.  In fact, I have the perfect quote to go along with that sentiment, it's by Shantideva and it goes like this "You are not here to change the world. The world is here to change you." 


No truer words have been spoken.  We've all see the quote about becoming the change we wish to see in the world but how can we become the change until we've been changed ourselves?  I think it takes a little shaking-up in this life to have you out there shaking the rest of world up a bit, but I may be mistaken.  


I wrote about this several months back, jealousy.  What a juicy topic. What a fabulous place to see where you are coming at life in the smallest version of you possible.  What a transforming thing it can be if you "own it" and choose to behave differently, begining now.


I have purposely been immersing myself in teachings around this subject because it's an area that I don't stuggle in often but when it hits me, it hits me hard and to the core.  One of the teachings (and there are several beautiful ones on this subject) wraps around this concept, if you'll allow me to share.


Suppose I asked you if you hoped most people would be happy and do well in life, what would your answer be?  I'm thinking most of you would answer that with a resounding "YES!"  I believe we are a kind-hearted lot overall and we don't wish to pose evil or inflict harm towards our fellow man.  We seem to (for the most part) wish all, well.


If that's the case, that over all we wish all well then let's talk about how jealousy fits in. The teachings I've learned, say it doesn't.  Jealousy is an incredibly uncomfortable, painful emotion because you can feel stuck, discontent, filled with ill-will and even hatred. Not hot!  When we are jealous of others we typically don't feel good about ourselves, we may even feel shame around it.  We compare ourselves and if we feel we are lacking in some way versus another, we cannot bear it.  We cannot bear seeing others get what we want, in other words, we cannot bear seeing them happy.


I mean when you boil it all down, isn't that the case?  We can't stand to see them happy? Excuse me, but I imagine most of you agreed when I asked the question earlier about your wishing folks happiness and to do well in life, right?  See where the hypocrisy is almost palpable?  I did and I do, so I changed.  In that very moment, I got choked up and I changed.


I saw myself as one flaming hipocrite.  I mean I practice and teach meditations entitled "Loving-Kindness" where we send out wishes of peace, love, good health and well being to ALL beings and oh yea, you better fall in line with what Jennifer wants.  Yea.  Guess we gotta re-write that meditation after thousands of years, huh?  


Well, either that or Jennifer needs to step-up and walk the walk.  What an eye-opening thing it was for me to learn this.  To sit in my truth of how I say I wish everyone well but when some do well, I'm not well. THAT, had to stop.


So how are you doing with this concept?  Do you wish most folks well but not really?  Most folks well but not those two over there?  Next time you're jealous, think about this piece. It's one, teeny, tiny antidote to jealous behaviors but it's a powerful place to start.  At least I think so.  


Remember, "You are not here to change the world. The world is here to change you."  


And change me it does.  


Time to see the world with a litte more love in those green eyes, Babe.  



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