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March 5, 2017


"The truth that you believe and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new." - Pema Chodron


That quote. Is STONE COLD right. Read it again and sit with it for a moment.


I continue to be a work in progress, no doubt but a big part if not the biggest part of my personal journey has been in the area of "making space", space around the way I think, both about others as well as about myself.


I have to say I spent most of my life on autopilot, never questioning my thoughts and only seeing people on the surface. As in what they said and what they did was who they were, end of story. I was mistaken. I short-changed my fellow beings.


As I have chosen to "make space" and not accept everything at face value, I have found my mind open more expansively along with my perspective, making life, much more interesting.


I see how many people are just like I was. Saying things like "I want peace, I hate drama!" when they are blind to the fact that they not only launch it, they condone it in others and they foster its continuation through gossip.


For goodness sake people, stop for a moment, just a moment and consider the fact that what you think about someone or something could be WRONG. And can you possibly look in a mirror without the screen of self-righteous indignation? It's amazing how hypocritical we are.


I think that word gets a bad rap, though. There's nothing wrong with being hypocritical as long as you figure out you are and consider some changes.


Clinging to our beliefs. Believing they are the only truth. Holds us back from "hearing from the other side."


The other side as others see it as well as our "other side", our intuition, our gut, our heart, our soul. Anything that takes us out of our crazy mind.


I wish you the availability to hear and see new things and the freedom that comes with simply letting go. <3

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