Liberating Limits

March 24, 2017

I've always been a person with an opinion on a wide variety of topics.  I've also tried to be a "nice girl" most of my life.


Funny thing is, those two traits can feel like they are at opposing ends of the spectrum.  Speaking up vs. being liked. Maybe some of you can relate?


What I am finding lately is an overwhelming urge to just be true to myself.  Now, I want to be clear, being true to myself in no way gives me permission to mouth off and run roughshod over other people, I really do believe I am a nice person and wish to stay that way, well, most of the time.  


What this being "true to myself" has been doing, is two things. First, if I am asked my opinion on something, even if I know it might not endear me to the folks I'm around, I say it.  I say it honestly but respectfully, at least I believe that.  I learned long ago, I cannot be responsible for what you hear.  Second, I'm finding boundries, limits set on various areas of my life, liberating.


Again, that might sound odd, boundaries?  Limits?  Liberating?  Yes!  


As my life goes on and my knowledge increases, I find I am refusing (almost with each passing day) to do things that will compromise me, make me miserable or have me add another "brick" in a "resentment wall" with your name spray-painted on it.  


I know what I am capable of at this point in my existence. What that is, may not be what you desire or wish to hear from me, enter truth.


I want you to know that for nothing else, I will be truthful with you.  I will tell you I can't do that or that I don't wish to, offer you an alternative or send you to another soul completely.  Oh! Yea!  And BONUS? I may just disappoint and let you down.  That's a living, breathing option, Sweetheart, trust me.  


Stopping to feel out, find out and implement boundaries and limitations can lead not to a limiting life but one designed to open up as you do!  


Upon opening, you may enjoy (like I have) a totally new kind of peace.  One encompassing the mind, heart, body and soul.  One that honors you, because you matter too. One that allows you to feel like a contributor, maybe for the first time in your life.  One that feels "just right." One that only comes when you make the necessary space for change and wisdom to grow.  


Make space.  <3

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