Busy Signal

March 30, 2017

What happened?  I'm serious.  I realized today that if I want to talk to almost anyone, I need to make an appointment to do so.  


Gone are the days of just picking up the phone and giving someone a ring.  Or at least it seems that way.  


I remember growing up as a tweener and teen in the late 70's and early 80's spending countless hours on my back on the kitchen floor on the phone or (thanks to Mom getting a really long cord for our phone) pacing for hours while chatting away.


"Busy signal" has a whole new meaning these days.  Like, "I don't want to just call, are you nuts?  She might be busy!" I'll be honest, I feel completely weird calling people "on the fly" anymore simply because I'm thinking of them, want to share a story or a laugh. That's messed up, people.


How many of you feel the same way these days or is it just me?  I think this is crazy and I'm putting it out there for all to see that if you are thinking about me, have a fun story to share or something that will make me laugh, CALL ME!  Life-long permission GRANTED!  :)


What on earth happened to us?  We're supposed to be SO connected these days.  Ha! Superficially maybe, out in cyberspace, but I love some face to face, voice to voice, soul connections, deep conversations and laughs that go 'til you cry.  Now, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout, people!  #jumponthesoultrain #toottoot   


Finally, care if I share a little pet-peeve? Don't answer the phone if you don't wish to talk, are in a bad place to talk or are rushing around and can't talk.  I more than likely don't know what you are doing when I call but I'll tell you this, feeling like a royal intrusion wasn't the desired outcome when I started to dial, no matter why I called.  Spare everyone who calls you this discomfort, please don't answer your phone.  


What are your thoughts on the subject? 


Who knew how much truth there was to that old vapid tone all this time?  

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