A Thing?

June 5, 2017


On the phone with Karen, one of my biz buds discussing a current work policy when she said with a bit of frustration "Why does everything have to be a THING?"


I immediately fell head-over-heels in love with what she said. It was profound, way beyond our current discussion. Clearly, the advent of media, mainly television and social have only exacerbated the enlargement of said "things."


And I believe our human propensity towards creating drama and supporting drama, causes us to make "mountains out of molehills" and THINGS out of almost everything, every day, no media required.


So why is it that so many things are THINGS today? Higher stress levels? More collective fear as a society? Egos that desire increased attention?


Many teens (especially girls) are perfect examples of the over-dramatization that we as parents might have chuckled at a time or two while raising them but doesn't it feel at times like we're all living in a perpetual state of "teendom?"  Regardless of age? 


I for one am going to see how often I look to over dramatize things in the week ahead. I'm not talking about sharing a funny story, I'm talking about really "playing up" something that doesn't need to have any additional "gas in its go." I'm going to see how often I make a thing, a THING. Thanks, Karen! 


I adore a good thought kicker.


We gotta lighten up, Luvs.

Seriously. ;)

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