June 9, 2017


Call me naive.  Many have and you know what? I'm fine with that.  If one of the traits of being naive means I give people more of a chance, then so be it.  I'm naive.


It's funny how often I believe that people walk around, kinda like me.  Until I don't. Last week, I was schooled first-hand, in the reality that no, many do not, Jennifer.  


I like to think I'm an open-minded person.  Here's why.  Who am I to decide what's right for you?  Who am I to decide who you should love?  What you should do for a living?  What vice should grip you or what fires you up?  There have been times in my life that I barely knew what I wanted so thinking I know what best for you?  No thanks.


Recently I've encountered a few people very passionate about their beliefs and I honor that, I'm not kidding.  If you love what you believe in and it encourages and sustains you, more power to ya'.  If you feel the desire to share what you believe with others, that's cool. Let the passion and love that you feel spill out.  Here's where you lose me though.


When you believe I should believe what you do, or I'm "out."  

When you shame, blame or berate others who don't believe what you do.  

Or when you lose your humanity towards your fellow man.  


Yes! I'm naive, and I'm totally cool with you as a person if you believe completely different things than I do.  


I experienced two people shaming others recently because they held different values and beliefs and it was sad because although more strong-minded people would simply let the shaming pass, others, who were already feeling "small" only were left feeling smaller and my friends, who on earth does that benefit?


As the evolution of "me" continues, I hope my naive nature will stay 'cuz I like giving everyone a chance.  Everyone an opportunity.  Everyone a benefit of the doubt.  Everyone some grace.  Everyone some space. 


You see, even if I find you're not a "fit" for me, personally.  

You still fit.


Live and let live.  

Yea.  Call me naive.  <3 

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