The Age of Discontent

June 22, 2017


Anyone who knows me personally knows that my mission in life these days is to simply find and reside in a place of contentment, whenever possible.  Being content doesn't just happen though, it's work on my part to be committed to staying "in the middle" when life is always ready, willing and able to pull me to the extremes.  


As much as I seek out this space on a daily basis, I occasionally am reminded that there are areas in my life that I am bone deep unsettled and find that down inside, I am experiencing an age of discontent that I can "salve over" well enough and live my life, but have found, over time, in particular places, it never entirely goes away.  


I've equated this "discontent" to a little cage in the center of my being, in which a gypsy resides.  She becomes unsettled and starts to bang on the top of the cage, begging to get out and her protests get stronger and stronger, much to my chagrin.  I have found, she won't let me be.  She's calling me out on things I've never considered and calling me in, into the places I've neglected or have tried to ignore.  With each passing year, her protests are becoming ever harder to dismiss and the "salve", isn't working so well anymore.


Why am I writing this?  Because I am OK with not always being OK and I hope you are too. I'm not a sad or unhappy soul, far from it, I'm just an unsettled soul.  One unsure of what she's suppose to be doing but knowing in my heart that some of what I am doing now, just isn't cutting it.  


I have faith.  Faith that if I "stay the course" on trying to live my best life, with intention, good motivation and leading with heart, I will be shown the way.  I believe that "way" has been and will continue to be messy at times but I've also come to learn that sometimes you have to get "down and dirty" to get "up and out."  


An age of discontent?  Maybe you too are experiencing the same.  The little "knocks" letting you know things aren't quite right.  I would love to hear from you if you too are feeling unsettled.  


Tune into that gut, your intuition, plug into the heart, invite the head in, listen to the fear because there can be wisdom there, but don't allow it to be your guide and finally, surrender, it's only in letting go that we will ultimately be shown the way.      


And so it is.  <3

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