July 6, 2017


What a circus!  Thank goodness it's been "contained" to just one part of my life but being a part of this "troupe" over the last two weeks has proven to be quite the feat.  


I've experienced it all!  Twists, turns, twirls, leaps, you name it and during that time, I've worked hard to keep a steady hand and mind.   Why hand you might ask?  Well let's face it, these days "fingers flying" on some sort of keyboard with sparks comin' out as opinions are shared via social media is pretty "par for the course."  Relationships "dented" or ruined all together can quickly follow suit, so yes, steady hands pair perfectly with a steady mind.   


So when life gets to feel like a "3-ringer" and all you want to do is perfect your "vanishing act" keep this one little word in mind. Faith.  Like George Michael sang 30 years ago (YES! Get out!  30 years! 1987) "You gotta have it."  And I couldn't agree more.


There have been several times over the past 3+ years that I have looked upward and wondered "What on EARTH I'm supposed to be learning from this? "Or "Why I'm going through this?"  You name it.  


Here's what I've come to find as truth in this space, well at least for me.  First of all, I don't need to know why.  If and when I'm supposed to know, I'll figure it out.  We humans want answers to everything and make ourselves loony trying to find it.  The fact remains, I'm going through something, it won't stay this way forever, nothing does, have some faith.


Second, why me?  Ever think that?  Why you?  Why not you?  Life is rough.  For all of us at one time or another.  Adversity strengthens us, grows our compassion and empathy for others, there are always lessons in adversity if you would just start looking for those vs. wasting your time and energy asking why.   I once heard that we should all have an "I Do Not Know" folder in our minds so when things happen that we don't have explanations for, we can simply "file them away" and get back to the business of living.  Why you?  Yea, why not you?  Have some faith.


Fast-forward to today and I'm off the trapeze and back squarely in my Ringmaster's garb. Chaos all around?  Yea, there can be.  Me with a whip in hand, keeping the clowns of life "at bay?"  I try. Lions and Tigers and Bears?  Oh, my! 


But at the end of this day, circus still firmly "in town", I have faith.  

Faith that life will soon see me "flying through air with the greatest of ease."

Faith that this "ride" will always leave me guessin'.   <3

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