Sent Teachers

July 12, 2017


It's amazing how often I have felt as though I had the ability to sway other beings towards my way of thinking. To believe that with passion in-hand and a heart boldly displayed on my sleeve, I could conquer just about anything or anyone, keeping my detractors "at bay."


What I have come to find out is those very people, the ones who didn't like me, who didn't like what I had to say or how I said it, the one's who fervently disagree with me on every subject matter from work to parenting from my views on those I see as marginalized to my views on how a great dry martini should taste, as my "sent teachers", my opportunity to really put to the test, my role as a productive, healthy, functioning adult in this world.


Of late I have "suited up" to supposedly "fight a good fight" and try to sway my "sent teachers" and instead, I'm happy to say I finally figured it out. I'm putting my "shield" down, surrendering to those teachers and boldly declaring "Bring it, life!" I have learned more in the past three weeks about myself than I have in the past three months and although I've tripped more than once, I'm proud of how far I've come.


It hasn't always been like this, not even close, but I now know that no matter what life tosses at me, I have the ability to rise above...and I have my "sent teachers", be it human or circumstance, to thank.


And so I shall...
Thank you. 
From the bottom of my stronger, smarter, resilient <3

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