Isn't it Ironic?

July 16, 2017


I have been teaching via "The Serendipitous Soul" for 21 months now and it never ceases to amaze me some of the things I run across.  I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people via my classes and workshops. People looking for more peace, inside and out.  Many way past the "lip service" stage, they're taking action...or so they might think.  


I honor folks looking for some relief.  I mean this is how "The Soul" began for goodness sake.  I was one of those folks, searching for some relief from the mind chatter that was driving me insane.  I didn't have a resource like what I provide today but if it was available, I would have been first on line.  


What I have found after almost 2 years working with various people though, is that many do not do a lot of looking "in the mirror" when they are searching to find more peace.  Often they run to a "quick fix" of a walk, a cup of uninterrupted coffee or a fine glass of chardonnay and there's nothing wrong with any of those things for some short term relief.  But REAL peace, takes time.  Real peace, requires you taking a long, hard look at what's going on inside of you.  


I have noticed two things in many students "on the path" to more peace and thought I would share the observations here so those of you searching, might consider them as you begin or continue your work.  


One, folks looking for more peace are often very identified with a story of who they are based on their past history.  In a nutshell, "I'm this way because this happened to me." What I have found though, is the kindest thing you can do to facilitate more peace in your life is to begin by letting go of who and what you think you are.  In other words, drop the labels, drop the history, drop the stories, drop ALL the baggage.  Put it down for a spell....and oh yea, doesn't that feel good?  The past and much of what comes with it typically equates to added weight on your already stressed-out self so offer yourself up to any search for more peace with as little of your past "in tow" as possible.  


Second, when you go to classes, workshops or invest in one on one sessions, enter those sessions with the idea that you will hold your tongue a bit and not have a come back "at the ready" for everything suggested.  So often a new concept will be shared with a class and before the last syllable is uttered, "push back" is given.  Often the commentary is so quick you know that there's no way any space was made for the new concept to "seep in", much less settle in.  


It's ironic to me that both carrying the baggage and not holding space for the teachings being shared only keeps you from potentially finding that peace (that's already inside you, by the way) many say they desire most.


I want to take one last moment to thank every student who has taken any class from me, EVER.  Thank you for coming to class either in-person or online, sharing a bit of you, maybe even leaving a bit of you behind. I take very seriously my life's work of helping people suffer less.  


I hope I've helped some of you do just that.    


Have a glorious week ahead!



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