August 17, 2017

I've written about this subject matter once before and I thought what put me in that position was a rare occurrence, but I'm finding that's not the case.   


I want you to think about a current "issue" you have on your proverbial plate.  You might even call it a "situation" or a "problem", either way, I invite you to bring one to mind.  


So as you sit here with your issue, my guess is that you are trying to figure out what to do with that situation because doing something, anything is certainly better than doing nothing, right?


Maybe not.


Hear me out on this idea because very few people put into place.  In fact, consider it "food for thought" and play with the concept before the more daring of you, the ones who enjoy challenging our innate ways of being, actually take it for a test drive.   


What would happen if you just did NOTHING with whatever it is you brought to mind as your "issue du jour?"  And I mean seriously sit and ponder that concept.  What if you simply allowed whatever was supposed to unfold and transpire, happen without any force, control or cajoling from you?


I'm going to share an example and a piece of common sense around this topic, offering you more clarity around this before you potentially take up my sort of "double-dog dare ya'." Here goes...


Example:  You are in a new relationship, we'll say a romantic one here just because I think all of us have experienced falling in "like", then lust, then love, then, then, right?  So there you are, in some serious "like", you're having fun, you're going out, you're in that delightful "getting to know you" stage and then you sit with the object of your desire and begin to examine where you've been and potentially where you could be going if the two of you can agree on something.  Sound familiar?  Should we tell our friends?  Family?  Proclaim it to the world by changing our statuses on Facebook?  Decisions, decisions!  


Alternative.  Let's try this one on for size.  How about you simply enjoy the moments, enjoy the blossoming of the relationship, enjoy the burgeoning feelings and fantabulous sensations like the butterflies in your tummy when your heart's desire comes into view.  In other words, let go and see what happens, naturally.


What harm could come of just enjoying the now and leaving "what's next" to the fates?


We have such dread around the idea of losing control but some of the best times of my life have been when I've lost control.  Careening down a hill on my bike, walking into a room full of people I don't know, shouting "feel the fear and do it anyway" as I jumped off the highest platform I had ever zip-lined from.  Trust me, my friends, the list goes on and on.  #thankgoodness 


The older we get the more "risk adverse" we seem to become and remember when I said I would be giving an example and a piece of common sense?  Yea?  Well here's me keeping my promise on that second point.  


When I offered up the suggestion of letting go and doing nothing, I, of course, do not mean for instance, where your health is involved, like avoiding the doctor when you know something is wrong. Don't pervert the cool idea people.  You have sense, if you think anything is off, I pray you take care of yourself.  Don't be foolish.


That being said, in closing, I'm here to wholeheartedly suggest that "nothing", is an option.  Not just an option, a viable, potentially vibrant, life-affirming option!  One that deserves to be placed on the table when you find yourself faced with a "thing."  


"What if I did nothing, let things go and see what happens?"  And then sit there, knowing that the urge to "do something - anything" is going to dog you for a moment, but it will go.  It's just your cavewoman brain trying to keep you safe and stuck in your habitual ways...but I digress.  


When you give "nothing" a try, you may just find what the universe has in store is more courageous, educational, inspiring, liberating, peace giving, soul-stirring, loving and quite honestly, more damn fabulous than any outcome you could have ever imagined, controlled or contrived.


Give "nothing" a conscious GO, my friends.  I did and the end result worked out wonderfully.  As I sit here this morning, I am once again choosing "nothing" and you know what?  I'm kinda excited to see what she has in store.


Life.  It really can be all OR nothing.  


Exercise your options.  <3

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