September 4, 2017

My friend and I were out over the weekend when we ran into a grocery store around 10:30 in the morning, the place was hustling. 


Since I’m self-employed, I tend to go to the store on say a Tuesday morning at 9 AM or a Wednesday at 1 in the afternoon, in other words, when it’s pretty quiet so dodging carts as they whizzed around me at “near miss speed” was an experience to say the very least. 


We commented on the parking lot as we headed into a second grocery store and how packed the “curbside pickup” was, once again, people rushing about and so naturally, the subject of being busy came up and a discussion ensued. 


As I said to her, I believe often times we’re not actually busy, like bodies moving from point A to point B but for many, since our minds never shut off, mentally we are, and our bodies are as exhausted as if we worked in a field all day. 


Think about it, we live in one seriously sedentary society these days, probably the most in all of human history.  We sit A LOT and yet we’re SO exhausted.  I’m not sure if there's any scientific information to back up my so called “theory” but when I have been mentally exhausted, I have been physically exhausted.  How about you?


Quite honestly, it’s no way to live.  So what’s a person to do?  Well, pardon me as I “run with this” since I think the timing is perfect with the kiddos heading back to school tomorrow, at least in my part of the world. 


So let's get started, shall we?   


I would love you to STOP, just stop and consider what you’ve already said “yes” to and what you are thinking about saying “yes” to in the months ahead, because I think taking a bit of an “inventory” occasionally is a good idea.  Asking yourself some questions when clarity is sought can't hurt either so let's do just that!  


#1 – Does my child (or do I) really NEED to be involved in another thing or would some “downtime” be a good thing?  In fact, do I ever truly model “downtime?”  If so, how? 


#2 – What “pay off” or reward am I getting over-scheduling myself or running until I’m ragged?  Because, my friend, there's some kind of pay off or you wouldn’t keep doing it. 


#3 – Do you miss actually seeing (on a screen doesn’t count!) your friends?  Does going out or staying in with a great person and an equally fabulous glass of wine sound divine? 


#4 – Are you “body busy” or are you suffering from a serious case of “bustling, burnt-out busy brain?” (or b4 for short!)


#5 – If I asked if peace was important to you, what would you say and if the answer is “yes” what are you doing to support that desire?  Oh! and PS – The more peace you would like, the more you have to make space for it.  IKR?  #buzzkill  Does anyone still like me at this point?  ;)


My classes are filled with people who tell me they’re attending because for the first time in a long time or ever, they know they need to take better care of themselves.  They need to make that space for the peace they desire, they crave contentment and want to learn new ways to think and be to make it so. 


I have no idea if this piece will fall on deaf ears or “b4’s” not able to absorb one more thing but I thought I would try.  I thought I would take another stab at trying to get folks to see the glory in slowing down, in going for coffee, or walks, or whatever with whoever stirs your imagination and soul. 


I wish all kiddos out there a glorious year ahead and all their guardians (like the angels you are) a year of reflection, a year of priority shifting if need be and the strength to know that the choice to add only to the plate that ADDS to your life is all that really matters! 


Happy September!  <3 

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