September 23, 2017

Why does the word "done" get such a bad rap?  I mean if you say you are done with something, why's it always seem to have a tone associated with it? You know what I mean, that tone.  A tone that possesses a passive-aggressive nature.  


Why can't we just be done with things, nothing passive or any other kind of aggressive necessary? This past week was one of done for me, in many aspects of life and may I add none of them saddled with a bad attitude, resentment or even regret, just the knowledge that either what I desire in life now has changed or what someone else is doing changed and what I brought to the encounter doesn't fit any longer.  

I see done, as a liberating, thought-provoking, contemplative, soul-stretching time and I believe you can too, if you deem it as such.  


It's liberating to get real with yourself, so you can get right with yourself.  Letting go of things that don't work anymore or being let go of things that don't work anymore is freeing.  You can sit and ruminate on what you hoped would have happened but that won't do anything to make the most of your "done."  It will only make you add more morose emotion to that word that does nothing but innocently sit there.  


I see done as thought-provoking, like why am I done?  What lead up to done and what can I learn from being done with this thing, opportunity, job, relationship etc.?  Like what worked before done and what might I do differently in future related situations?  Done is a great chance for some strategizing if you drop the 'tude, open your mind and allow it to happen.  


Contemplative and soul-stretching combine for me when it comes to done.  Introspection without rumination is a wonderful thing.  This ties in perfectly with the idea above of just learning from the done.  Contemplation has us looking at our part in whatever transpired without judgment.  Both against ourselves as well as the other parties involved.  Oh!  And drop the blame.  Ugh!  Such a wasted use of time.  The ego is completely in charge when you begin pointing the finger.  At yourself, at others, at life or whatever higher power you might believe in. Be done with blame, people.  It's not hot.  


Soul-stretching proves to be a beautiful ending to what may have begun as a "Once upon a time" kinda story but potentially didn't end in "Happily ever after."  No worries!  Once you've made some space and had a nice, mature chat with yourself, you'll find that armed with new clarity you may begin to design the "next steps" for your "post done" life or maybe you'll simply do nothing as that area of your life, is quite frankly, done.  


In ending this piece I literally want to FLIP the traditional concept of done on its head.  If you haven't got the message yet, done is not a bad thing, in fact, Nelson Mandela sums this piece up perfectly "It always seems impossible until it's done."


Maybe done is the best thing that ever happened to you and now out of the way - once considered impossible and "out of reach" things, may await.  


I guess you'll never know - 'til it's done.      

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