The Gifts

October 11, 2017

It's only Wednesday and I feel like I've lived four weeks over the past four days.  On Sunday I attended a beautiful, soulful workshop that set a tone I knew would serve myself and subsequently my students well since I left that workshop with a profound sense of gratitude.  


My Sunday evening class was delightful and just flowed.  I left it to find a text filled with gratitude from a student about how her Mindfulness practices learned during our classes made the sunset that evening a true spiritual practice.  I was touched.  GREAT way to end a day I might add!  


My Monday morning group was ready, open, willing and motivated to conquer aspects of their anxiety with a determination like I hadn't seen in our previous weeks together.  Yay!  Add in a message of thanks from a student on Facebook and Monday was another good day, filled with "pretty gifts."


Tuesday began like any other day really but little did I know what was about to transpire.  You see it's been a long time since a gift was delivered to me not wrapped in shiny paper with sparkly bows or glittered tulle.  And let me say this, those types of "gifts" don't seem like ones when they are delivered, that's for sure.  In fact, your first inclination would probably be to send it back marked "return to sender" because these "gifts" aren't wrapped beautifully, they're hard to look at and even harder to hold, yet gifts they still can be.


The contents of my gift came by way of candid conversation, a very candid conversation.  One at times, I found difficult to bear and although I tried to prepare myself for the answer to a question I asked, knowing the person "delivering" was a straight-shooter, I was ill-prepared for what was shared.  


Long story short, as hard as it was to hear what was said, all of it, every word uttered was truth.  I find with gifts like this one, you may be in shock after opening it, you may sit there speechless with your mouth hanging open, you may cry (a lot!) but when all was said and done, it was all truth, clearly truth I needed to hear from that person at that time about that subject.  


I felt like I jumped off a skyscraper without a net, like the "gift" was a push off the ledge and I have to say, in some way, it was.  Without the fall, I wouldn't have taken the time to look around, fumble to get my legs back underneath me and begin to fabricate some kind of a landing.  Without the push, these "things" would have still gone unaddressed and for how long, who knows?  


It wasn't pretty.  Until it was.  


Until I was completely honest and the person delivering the gift and I got clear.  Until we discussed and shared things that shed more light on the exchange, until we opened-up, leading with our hearts.


My ultimate lesson?  That gifts come packaged up in many ways.  That some, once delivered, can seem like anything but, but if we unwrap with an open-mind, we get curious about the contents instead of cursing them and we ask for the clarity we need if we are lacking information, we just might learn something.  Both about ourselves as well as the bearer.  


We might just find that most "prickly" gift, can ultimately end up being the best gift of all.  

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