November 23, 2017

It's amazing to me that I've not come here to write in almost a month. 


Amazingly sad.


Yes, I've written a lot on Facebook.  For those that are not "friends" with me on the social media platform, I love to share life unfolding a few mornings a week.  In other words, my Timeline has become a sort of mini-blog so if there's nothing much going on here, rest assured there is always something going on there.


Sometimes I'm torn on where to put things I write.  I know here on my blog many fewer people will be exposed to what I'm laying down vs. on Facebook but I value this sacred space.  I'm thinking it's about time I make the time to show it a little more love.


Like anything in life your energy flows to the things you give attention to so no more 4 weeks between posts!  I became aware of two things this week, the first I just shared, that my Facebook Timeline is getting an awful lot more attention than my blog and second, when I am busy, my creativity comes to a screeching halt!


I've made mention of that in a previous entry but it's not just a thing, it's A THING! 


I must make space for creativity to feel like the beloved, welcome guest she is in my life and the home that is my heart.  Allow her to take her coat off, sit in the coziest chair, fire burning, enjoying a warm cup of cocoa or a perfectly spiced tea.  Allow her to exhale, drop her shoulders and begin to connect with me, on the other side of the room...at least temporarily.


Once the settling in has passed, it's time for she and I to simply begin to converse, that's how I find the most amazing things present themselves, as anything but amazing things.  She reminds me of the people who inspire me with their words or own creative endeavors.  She helps me recall a poem, a quote or a passage in a book that spurred my imagination.  She simply whispers about life in my ear, encouraging me with what I need to hear.  


But like a dear friend, old or new, she can't even come over if I'm never home.  Lately, I've been away from home way too much, I fear. 


Knowing the halt needs to halt.  The relationship rekindled....she's very forgiving.  The intention set, the space made with the mind and heart open and maybe, just maybe, if I'm really lucky, creativity will softly rap on the door, a warm smile will adorn my face and we'll be together again like no time had passed at all.  


Maybe, just maybe our best collaborations have yet to be, she and me.  

Maybe, just maybe finding fault in the halt is exactly what she intended all along.


Ah, yes!  Inspiration!  Thank you, Creativity.  

What grace.    

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