November 29, 2017

I have been looking at a situation in my life too much.  How about you?  Got something you are pretty doggone fixated on?  Maybe even borderline obsessed with?  


A work issue, a medical issue, a relationship thing, you name it, we can get pretty fixated on something but what does that do for the situation at hand?  


Try nothing.


Last night I was (once again) rolling over in my mind a situation, and as I was thinking about this thing I realized that my "vision" around this issue was completely unfocused.  Like when you stare at something too long and your eyes go wonky.  That was me with this thing.  I had been "staring" at it for such an extended period of time, my clarity packed up and left long ago. 


So I closed my eyes, even gave my head a gentle shake side to side and upon re-opening them, I asked myself what did I REALLY want in this part of my life and the clarity was instantaneous.  Two words came to mind.  No fog, no lack of focus, no haze, no question. Ba-Bam!  Check done!


I have to say this situation involves letting go, which we all know isn't easy but I want what's of the highest intention for myself as well as the other being and if I am being truthful and true to my desire for all beings to have peace and happiness then the direction is clear.  


Maybe you've been "staring at something" a bit too long.  Maybe your vision lacks focus, maybe it's time to reset and get clear.  


Maybe it's time to simply let go and allow the journey to unfold.


Oh the power that comes from us and to us when we stop the struggle, stop the straining and decide instead to relax into a graceful surrender.    


Clarity beautiful clarity.  

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