December 8, 2017

So many boxes, so little inclination to be put in most of them.  Yet in them I am.  


I'm in the female box, the middle-class box, the white box, the mother box, the wife box, the self-employed box, the redhead box, the short-people box, the middle-age box...the list goes on and on. 


I don't even like the idea of a box, boxes contain you and I've never been a fan of being contained.  Ask anyone who has known me for more than say...15-minutes.  


Beyond the idea that boxes "contain", I know that everyone's perception of what a box looks like (aka how you "should" behave, dress, speak etc.) varies wildly in some cases.  For instance, I have put myself in a hippie box of sorts, although (thank goodness) that box is a frame at best with lots of air and plenty of view but I have also put myself into boxes that others don't like and when they find out I've been or are in that box, they've had reactions from defensiveness to physically backing away from me.


Case in point, I was sharing with one of my newer friends that some years back I was a very politically active woman and affiliated proudly with one of the parties.  I was quite the pundit, in fact, and I could "throw down" with just about anyone.  She was shocked and may I say a little disgusted based on the look on her face.  In all honesty, I stopped watching or listening to the news 9 years ago so I don't affiliate with any one party, candidate etc. anymore.  I do my due diligence right before an election so I can vote with intention but being a part of any 2-year circus leading up to an election doesn't interest me in the least these days.  


It felt weird to think I was accepted by this person one minute and she a bit repulsed by me the next.  Thanks, box.


So I'm figuring this out slowly, for instance, if you are in the "liberal box" you shouldn't be in the "organized religion box" or there's something clearly wrong with you.  Didn't you know that you can't be for gay rights and God at the same time?  Stupid boxes.


According to some folks I've run into, because I'm in the white, middle-class, suburban boxes, I'm surely not in the civil rights box.  


But I am.  Despite the stereotypes, I am for equal rights for everyone and I have a relationship with God and all kinds of wonderful entities in realms above me.  I believe anything is possible, I never "slam the door", I never impose my beliefs on anyone else, and I remain, delightfully curious.


You see I'm fine if you don't live, work, believe, see, hear or think as I do. 

Because I don't see boxes, I see only beings.  Human, beings. 


What boxes are you in that make you feel "contained" and maybe even leave you gasping for air?  You cannot change others perceptions of the boxes they see you in and what "rules" they have around said box but you can take a look at the ones you've put yourself in and decide if they are holding you back...maybe it's time to bust out.  <3  


The more I kick the boxes, the better I feel.  Imagine that?  

Living life wide-open. 


Life.  #buhbyebox    



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