December 14, 2017

It's kinda funny really.  I mean I'm 4' 11" tall, I'm far from the most menacing looking woman and I certainly don't act my age very often, yet I've come to see that I possess a superpower.  One that can bring even the roughest, toughest, armored-up soul to their knees, one that in certain circumstances, scares the livin' bejesus out of people.  What is it you ask?  What is this power I whip around like Wonder Woman's "lasso of truth?"  


I love.  Out loud.  


Maybe you're thinking, "What's that?" and "How on earth does that make you scary?"  


Glad you asked.  ;)


First of all, I am the WORST person on earth at hiding my feelings.  I mean I stink.  If I like you, you know it.  If I don't, pretty damn sure, you know that too.  Happy, you know it.  Sad, you know it too.  When the phrase "Wearing Her Heart on Her Sleeve" is used, universal law requires my picture appears next to it.  So let's face it, that alone can make me a bit scary.  Most people are experts at hiding their feelings, something one of my dearest friends lovingly calls "The F-Word."  Not me.  Wide open book.  


Next, I'm scary because I'm kinda like a little bomb.  You never know when I'm going to go off.  That can entertain some and cause others to leave a room...quickly!  And when I say I'm like a little bomb, I don't mean it as a bad thing, it's just that I am very honest about how I feel.  Ask me and you'll get an answer, guaranteed.  Once again, I don't hide when asked, (and often not asked) I tell.  Folks think they want to hear your truth until you begin to speak, then eh?  Sometimes, not so much.  


Loving out loud also means that I randomly strike up conversations with strangers on a regular basis, something that if you are with me and in a hurry, know the rest.  I love people.  Most people anyway, so connecting with them is fun for me.  I don't put much thought into it, I just like to engage, and engage and engage.  This can also pose a problem if people close get a titch of "the green-eyed monster" occasionally.  I have a lot of people in my life.  I am close to few.  The few, know who they are, they also know of the many.  If you can't love me with my many, you can't be one of the few.  If I tell you I love you, believe it.  You are very special to me.


My favorite thing to do?  Close to nothing, with one person I dig.  I could sit and drink coffee or wine with someone I enjoy, chat for hours on a massively wide variety of subjects and never bore simply because I adore connection, especially with those I dig.  


So why do I consider possessing the above to be a superpower?  


Because all the things I've shared in this piece and many things I've not, make life totally worth living for me and so few people seem to really LIVE their lives.  For instance, many ignore or stuff feelings down, I want to feel things.  Even things that may not feel so good at times, simply because they remind me that I'm still alive.  The more Mindful I've become the more I know that the joys in life comes from the smallest, most mundane things.  That giving is getting enough and that experiences far, far outweigh anything of any weight that I can hold in my hands.  To see life through the eyes I've been blessed to posses of late is, trust me, a friggity-diggin' superpower!


So awe me carnival sky!  Give me a hug you divine being!  Take a seat by my side and tell me what makes you tick!  No, better yet, make me laugh and I'll love ya' forever!  


Time to crank it up, people!  

More volume, more life, more life, more love.


More love...

Out loud.  <3


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