White Boat

December 27, 2017

As many of you know I began “The Serendipitous Soul” a little over 2-years ago.  I began it after I went through a very difficult time, I found tools (different ways of thinking and being) that helped me greatly and since I have a background in authoring and presenting, I took the tools that collectively saved me, packaged them up and have offered them to others looking for more peace.  I love what I do…most of the time.


Something I didn’t anticipate when I began my company was exactly who would be attending my classes.  I thought folks looking for a little “step up”, a new idea or two, a little more peace of body and a little more peace of mind would be the ones attending. 


What I've found though is some folks coming to my classes need assistance beyond my abilities, some slightly, some much more and I have found myself overwhelmed at times.  I reached out this year to others in the profession of helping and healing and found that I am certainly not alone in feeling as I do.  In this, I take great comfort.


One friend in the healing community put it so beautifully, she said that many people in the world today feel like they are drowning, in sorrow, in confusion, in loneliness, in chaos, in drama, in boredom, you name it - they attend something we do and see us in a sort of “white boat”, a boat where they placed us and believe we may be someone who could potentially “save them.”  But this is not true.


I let students in my classes know that I am not more special than they are, not more gifted etc.  I am simply a woman who may be a bit further down the road in some areas of self-awareness than they are, just as they may be further down the road in other areas of life, I’ve yet to delve into.  I believe with all my heart that we are all given what we need from birth to navigate life, believing it's in others and not in ourselves is a very self-defeating line of thinking and blatantly untrue.


As I head into my third year with “The Serendipitous Soul” I am currently in the process of developing and implementing boundaries around both my business and myself, personally.  For example, I will be much quicker this year to offer students professional help (from life coaches, to  social workers, counselors to psychologists) as viable options when I feel that my skill set is not adequate enough to serve them best. 


I want to continue to love what I do and share with the community but I also wish to dispel the myth of the “white boat”, at least as far as I’m concerned.  I am not in one, nor do I wish to be placed in one. 


Trust me, in setting up and honoring boundaries, I am keeping both our best interests at heart…you out of the water and me, out of the boat.  <3


God bless.

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