Don't Tell Me

January 18, 2018

I can't be alone.  There have to be other people out there like me.  People who are tired of hearing it over and over again.  People who would rather say "don't tell me" than hear that overused, worn out word, the one that has risen to stratospheric levels of fame over the past 20 years! The word?  Busy.  


I have written on this subject often so this will be brief. 


Don't tell me we haven't gotten together, we can't talk, there's certainly not enough time for a walk or a cup of coffee because you're busy.  


Lie to me but spare me, "busy."  


I have done my damnedest to eliminate the word from my vocabulary for one simple reason.  It makes the people you are talking to feel pretty low.  You know?  Less than, unimportant, pick your word but I know when people say that to me, I can feel slightly embarrassed I asked them to spend a little of their time with me at all.  Who knew asking folks out could be such a vulnerable endeavor?


Do I have days, weeks or even months where the calendar can look pretty stocked?  Yes.  Do I need to say that to you when you reach out to extend an invitation?  No.  


What I need to do is find a day and time for us to get together (minus phones would be even sweeter) and connect with you, my friend.  Whether you are an old pal or a new found one, I hope you feel appreciated and respected if you invite me out and I hope you consider treating those you run across the same way.  


Oh!  And by all means, if you can't make it 'cuz you're...

Don't tell me.  ;)

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